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Online Mental Health Clinic

Are you finding it difficult to cope or experiencing increased anxiety? Or maybe you just want to find out more about how to best manage your mental health at the moment?

The current environment is having a real and potentially lasting impact on the mental health of the nation. People are experiencing heightened levels of fear, anxiety and isolation. The Recovery campaign was set up in order to highlight and address the impact of lockdown policies and seek a more empathetic and effective Government approach to managing the pandemic. Through our work, we’ve seen first-hand how the mental health crisis is developing and we want to do something practical about it.

Three of our members and co-founders who are experts in mental health are volunteering their time by offering a free, interactive weekly online clinic on psychological, mental and emotional health, in a safe and supportive environment.


  • This online clinic is non-political. We will not be discussing the rights or wrongs of Government policies, just how to deal with their impact and how to build greater resilience and coping mechanisms.
  • There are no fees, no sales pitches and no expectations. The online clinic is simply about reaching out to those who could use some assistance at the moment.
  • The session is expected to last 60-90 minutes during which you’ll hear from our experts on a range of topics. They’ll also respond to as many questions and issues as possible, pre-submitted by you.
  • This session is for over 18’s only – although you are welcome to ask questions on behalf of your children or regarding under 18’s you are concerned about.

Please note that an online clinic is not a substitute for seeking formal help from relevant mental health professionals or medical health professionals. Our aim is to offer additional support.

When: Thursday 17th June, 8pm
Where: Streaming live via

Submit your issues and questions (under 200 words please) to

by 5pm, Wednesday 16th June. You will be kept anonymous – we won’t share your name or identifying information.

  • Our Experts

    Zoe Clews is a Hypnotherapist specialising in Complex PTSD, Trauma, Anxiety & Depression and runs a busy practice on London’s Harley Street. She has nearly 20 years experience of working with clients to treat a wide range of conditions and is the founder of The Feel-Good Rooms which launched in Spring 2020 to support peoples mental health in lockdown. She is a passionate advocate for better access to mental health services and greater Government investment in social care.

  • Neil Shah is the Founder, Director and Chief De-Stressing Officer of The Stress Management Society and International Wellbeing Insights. He is a leading global expert on stress management and wellbeing, co-founder of the campaign group Recovery and best-selling author of many books including The Ten Step Stress solution.

  • Felix Economakis is a Chartered Psychologist specialising in the treatment of anxiety disorders. He is the creator of the 4Rs rapid therapy approach and also an author of two books and a TED speaker. He has a passion for helping people to understand their inner mind and in turn how to work with their minds with more effective ways of getting their needs met.